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Consortium Agreements

Consortium agreements are written agreements between two or more eligible schools. If a student is taking classes at Gateway Technical College (as the HOME school) and would like to take a class or two at a different school (as the VISITING school), their financial aid can potentially be adjusted to include the credits being taken at the VISITING school. Some guidelines to consider if Gateway Technical College is your HOME school:

  1. Students need to be registered in a minimum of three credits at Gateway during the semester for which they are requesting a Consortium Agreement.
  2. If a student is already registered for 12 or more credits at Gateway during the semester for which they are requesting a Consortium Agreement, there is no need to complete the process. Since the student is already receiving the maximum financial aid possible, adding credits would not increase the aid amount.
  3. Students will need to be registered for classes that they intend to take at the VISITING school before that school can complete the Consortium Agreement. Student will need to make payment arrangements for the classes according to the VISITING school’s payment requirements.
  4. Consortium Agreement Forms are originated at Gateway and emailed directly to the student’s Gateway email account for the student to sign. The student is then responsible for forwarding the signed Consortium Agreement Form to the visiting school. The VISITING school will complete their portion of the form and email or fax it directly back to Gateway.
  5. Student’s financial aid award will be adjusted to include the credits from the VISITING school within 10 business days of when Gateway Technical College receives the Consortium Agreement Form back from the VISITING school.

A Consortium Agreement adjusts a student’s financial aid award at Gateway Technical College to include the additional credits the student is taking at the VISITING school. Gateway does not pay the other school directly for those classes, nor does it allow the student to register at the VISITING school without making payment arrangements with the VISITING school. Students are responsible for paying for the classes at the VISITING school according to that college’s payment policies.

To request a Consortium Agreement Form, please meet with a Student Finance Specialist located in any Gateway Technical College Student Services Department or use your Gateway student email account and email the Financial Aid Office at:

In the email include:

  1. Your full name and Gateway Technical College student ID number.
  2. Which semester and year you are requesting the Consortium Agreement for.
  3. The name of the VISITING school you will be taking the classes at.

If Gateway Technical College is your VISITING school, please email the Consortium Agreement from your HOME school to Be sure to include your full name and Gateway student ID number. The Consortium Agreement will be completed and returned to your HOME school within 10 business days.