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Book Authorizations

The amount of funds a student will have available to use at the bookstore each term will be the difference between what a student has been awarded for financial aid minus the cost of their classes. Funds will be available 24 hours after your financial aid award has been posted to Web Advisor.  Students may need to make a payment if there are any fees which exceed financial aid funding.  Please note the following:

  • Bookstore authorization dates are located on the Important Dates webpage.
  • To purchase or rent in person, bring a photo ID and a copy of your schedule to the bookstore on campus during the bookstore authorization dates. Let them know you would like to charge your purchase to your financial aid when you check out.
  • To purchase or rent online, visit during the bookstore authorization dates and select the items to be purchased and/or rented. Proceed to the Checkout area and enter all the required information. You will be taken to the Payment Methods screen and here is where to indicate that you would like to pay using Financial Aid.

Opt-Out Process for Book Purchases

Students who are Pell-eligible may wish to purchase their books from an alternate source. To do this, the student has the right to request an early disbursement of a portion of their Pell grant.


  • The maximum early disbursement allowed will be calculated by subtracting the cost of tuition and fees from the amount of Pell Grant awarded for that term as of the date the request is being reviewed. If the cost of tuition and fees is more than the Pell Grant award, an early disbursal will not be granted.
  • The early disbursement will also be limited to the book component of the student's cost of attendance as determined by Gateway's Financial Aid Office.
  • If this early disbursement is granted, the student will not have any funds available through Follett Bookstore for that term. If a student already purchased books using their financial aid at Follett, they are no longer eligible for the early disbursement.
  • A student may request the early disbursement on a per-term basis by contacting a Student Finance Specialist and asking for an Early Pell Disbursement form.  The form must be completed and returned to a Student Finance Specialist at Gateway by the first day of the term that the disbursement is being requested.
  • Students must sign up for and complete at least one SALT module if they have not already done so. This must be completed by the time the Early Pell Disbursement form is submitted. If a module is not completed on the day the Early Pell Disbursement form is reviewed it will be automatically rejected.