Adult Basic Education

Join more than 2,000 students Gateway’s Adult Basic Education program. Brush up on math, reading and writing skills for your career, or take classes in English or Spanish to earn a high school credential and move ahead. Wisconsin residents can enroll in this program free of charge! Check here to see the current Adult Basic Education drop-in schedule.

ABE programs are offered on each campus’s Learning Success Center. Each site is equipped with certified instructors to help you succeed — no matter your education or career goals. You can use computers, learning software, internet access and get help with basic computer operations.

During the orientation you’ll receive information about Adult Basic Education programs. You’ll also take a personal assessment to help instructors understand your educational needs. With an individual, self-paced learning plan to help you meet your goals, you can also use computer-based, self-paced tutorials, mini-courses and optional subject-specific courses. 

*Note: Students age 17 or under have to be under a 118.15 At Risk Contract from their home district high school or their class has to have graduated.