Clock-to-credit Conversion

What is clock-to-credit conversion and how does it affect financial aid eligibility?
Since some of the technical diploma programs at Gateway are not connected to an associate degree, federal regulations require the use of a clock-to-credit conversion when awarding financial aid. 

The conversion is used to determine if a program (and its program courses) includes the minimum number of clock/in-class hours (30) to be eligible for financial aid. Therefore, if a program falls short of the minimum, it is only eligible for partial financial aid benefits. If a course within the program falls short of the minimum required clock hours, a student may only be eligible for partial financial aid.

How does the conversion work?
Simply put, a one credit course must include a minimum of 30 in-class/clock hours for a student to receive the full financial aid benefits. For example, a three-credit course should equal 90 clock hours (30 class hours x 3 credits = 90 clock hours).

Certain program courses within Gateway standalone technical diploma programs do not meet this minimum. As a result some of their courses are not eligible for financial aid. 

How does clock-to-credit conversion affect your technical diploma program?
For the stand alone technical diploma programs, which are listed below, the clock-to-credit conversion only affects one course (Gateway to Success – 1 credit). The Gateway to Success course is a total of 18 class hours (18 class hours/30 clock hours = .06 clock hours). Based on the formula, this course is less than 1 credit for financial aid purposes. 

Please note: Students in these programs may need to make alternate payment arrangements if Gateway to Success is the only enrolled course for the term. If you are in other classes, and you are enrolled in other program credits, your enrollment status for financial aid purposes could be affected. For example, you are enrolled in 6 program credits and one of those credits is Gateway to Success. Since the Gateway to Success course is .06 credits for financial aid purposes, you are now enrolled in 5.6 program credits for financial aid purposes. This changes  your enrollment status from part-time to less than half-time. 

  • Building Trades - Carpentry
  • CNC Production Technician
  • CNC Programmer
  • Welding
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Fire Science
  • Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating Service Technician 

There are, however, three programs where clock-to-credit conversion affects multiple courses as listed below. The listed courses do not meet the minimum clock hour requirement. Students may be eligible for less federal financial aid or may need to make alternate payment arrangements. Students can reduce the financial aid impact by following their scheduled part-time or full-time curriculum track.

Medical Assistant

  • Gateway to Success
  • Digital Literacy for Healthcare
  • Medical Terminology

Dental Assistant

  • Gateway to Success
  • Dental Radiography
  • Dental Materials
  • Dental Office Management

Practical Nursing

  • Gateway to Success
  • English Composition 1
  • General A&P
  • Developmental Psych

If you have further questions regarding your financial aid eligibility and clock-to-credit conversion, please contact your Student Finance Specialist at 800-247-7122 or or attend a Student Finance Workshop.