Students Called to Active Duty Military Service

Gateway Technical College understands that military service may require you to be away from class. In the event you are called to active duty, for any period of time, we will work with you to find the best solution that allows you to meet your service obligations and still achieve your academic goals. 

Students called to active duty during the semester may be eligible for one of the following options for each impacted course:

  • Course deleted from their record and 100% of tuition and fees refunded
  • Incomplete grade assigned and additional time to complete the course

If you have been called to active duty while enrolled in classes at Gateway Technical College, please submit the following form to notify Gateway Technical College that you have been called to active duty: Notice of Call to Active Duty. (Please note: you will need to login with your My Gateway ID and password.)

Once you submit the “Notice of Call to Active Duty” form, you will be contacted by one of Gateway’s VA School Certifying Officials and provided with next steps.

View Gateway Technical College’s policy for students called to active duty by visiting our Veteran Education Policies page: Students Called for Military Service.