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Human Resources

Human Resources here at Gateway Technical college strives to ensure high level service in job evaluation, recruitment and selection, and partnerships within the community. We foster good communication and honor among all employees, maintain diversity in our workforce, and strive to assist supervisors improve leadership, professional development and team building skills. Gateway is also a strength based college in which faculty/staff have taken the Gallup Test to identify top 5 strengths on an individual level. Want to know your top 5 strengths? Checkout the Gallup website: Gateway has also been recognized for many awards and here are just a few:

  • 2015 Military Friendly College Recognition
  • 2010-14 Wellness Workplace Gold Award
  • 2010-2015 Top Employer Award
  • 2014 American Association of Community College Green Genome Award
  • 2015 Manufacturing Skills Standards Council Authorized center Award


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