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Program Requirements: 

While the stereotypical accountant is a math wizard who crunches numbers all day long, the reality is that accounting is really a communications field. Accountants must enjoy working with numbers, however complex math is not necessary. Accountants must also be comfortable communicating with fellow employees, vendors, customers and management to gather financial information used to show the financial position of a company. The Accounting program at Gateway Technical College is a two-year associate degree program offered at the Elkhorn, Kenosha and Racine Campuses as well as online on-demand courses. Graduates can pursue a variety of avenues with their degree, including: financial, managerial, payroll and tax accounting analysis. Students will be exposed to each of these areas, making it easier to determine which one to pursue. In addition, students will learn from instructors who bring a wealth of real-world accounting experience to the classroom.

Gateway Technical College’s On-Demand Accounting degree program allows students to choose when classes begin as well as the pace in which to complete them. Each on-demand class has 36 different start dates throughout the year to choose from and allows for up to 15 weeks to complete each class. Students can finish early and begin another class right away, or take some time off. On-demand education is a flexible option for students who can’t access higher education in the traditional classroom setting. An on-demand Accounting education from Gateway Technical College is ideal for those who:

  • have limited availability due to work and family schedules
  • live too far away
  • travel frequently or have a long commute to work and cannot regularly attend on-campus classes
  • are still high school juniors or seniors but wish to take higher level courses

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What does an Accountant do?

There are a variety of career options, as every industry needs accountants. Graduates of Gateway’s Accounting degree program can expect to find entry level employment as either a junior or assistant accountant, bookkeeper, full charge bookkeeper, cost accountant, property accountant or as an assistant payroll accountant. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) sites are great sources to further explore career paths. To see what you might be interested in, go to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) website for an interactive look at accounting career paths.

Learning by doing

Each of Gateway’s Accounting classes will give students the opportunity to learn skills by doing exactly what will be done on the job. Students learn through real-world scenarios and projects. This is what makes Gateway’s Accounting graduates so employable.

The Biz Squad internship program provides students the opportunity to gain experience working on a project team that includes Accounting students and those from other business programs. The internship provides excellent hands-on learning for students as they assist a local business with a real-world project.

Gateway also offers study abroad opportunities to accounting students. International education opportunities could include participation in a global project team with students from Germany.

Job and salary outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks is expected to grow 14 percent from 2010 to 2020. The median annual salary of bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks was $34,030 in 2010. Rates increase with greater experience and education. Students who go on to become certified in specific areas of accounting will see greater earning potential.

Certification and Licensing

Gateway Technical College Accounting program graduates are eligible to sit for several certification exams providing them with the potential for additional employment credentials. The National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB) offers bookkeeper, payroll, and tax certifications tests. If a graduate has one year of experience in the field and passes all three of the NACPB exams, as well the Code of Professional Conduct test they will become a Certified Public Bookkeeper. Additonal certifications available to graduates include; the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB)  certified bookkeeper, QuickBooks Certified User and Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification, Excel and Excel Expert.


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Program Administration

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