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High School Transition Services

Gateway Technical College provides Transition and Support Services for high school students or new students with documented disabilities. To begin the Transition process it is recommended that students and/or parents schedule a meeting with the Disability Support Specialist or DSS Instructor on the designated campus that they plan to attend.

What Transition Services are available at Gateway?

  • Campus tours
  • Support services
  • Application process
  • Course registration assistance
  • Testing accommodations for Placement Test
  • Academic Support Services
  • Classroom accommodations

What accommodations are available for the Placement Testing?

For students with disabilities the Placement Test is available in both paper/pencil format (Asset Test) and on the computer (Compass). After meeting with the Special Needs Counselor and documentation has been received, the Placement Test can be scheduled in the Special Needs Department. Accommodations for the Placement Test may include the following:

  • Extended Time
  • Distraction Reduced Area
  • Calculator (4-function only)
  • Enlarged Print/Braille
  • Test read aloud

Does Gateway Technical College participate in the Start College Now program?

Yes, Start College Now is a great opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to begin taking college courses in the career of their interest.

Additional Transition Resources

Life is Big. Be Prepared.