Disability Documentation

Gateway Technical College is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities have equal access to all college programs and activities. Policies and procedures have been developed to provide students with as much independence as possible, appropriate accommodations, to preserve confidentiality and to make academic support services available and easily accessible. Students with documented disabilities at Gateway Technical College will have the same opportunities available to all other Gateway students, and documenting your disability is the first step to receiving accommodations. 

In order to document your disability and receive necessary accommodations, here is a summary of the following information generally needed from a licensed professional (such as a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist):

  • Diagnosis of your disability. If the disability is a learning or psychological disability, we will need the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) classification (see right hand navigation)
  • The impact of your disability on your ability to learn and participate in classroom activities.
  • Strategies the teacher will need to implement in order to facilitate learning in the classroom, as well as the accommodations needed
  • Prognosis for the disability and it’s expected duration.

It is critical to note that for all accommodations to occur, all documentation must be on file. Information that is written on prescription blanks is not acceptable. Letters must be written on letterhead. Please bring or mail a copy of this information to your DSS instructors on your campus so they can meet to discuss your educational needs.