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Partnership & Collaboration with Gateway Technical College

Gateway’s Service Learning Initiative is proud to partner with our local area non-profits and community organizations. It gives us an opportunity to become more active within our community while also ensuring our community becomes stronger and more sustainable along the way.

Important things to know:

  • We view our partnerships as true collaborations. We want and need your input. Without it, our actions become irrelevant.
  • We view our partners as co-teachers. You are experts in your field and, therefore, have knowledge that is extremely valuable to both our instructors and students.
  • We expect you to understand that you are working with students – some of whom have never volunteered, done service, or even considered working within their community before. We ask that you work with them and offer the best opportunity possible; however, if the placement does not work, we would invite you to contact the instructor or the Service Learning Center immediately so that we can find a solution.

We look forward to our continued partnerships. Offering students opportunities to develop their skills in the community is a vital part of a valuable education – one that we hope to continue offering for many years to come.

Life is Big. Be Prepared.