Impact Program - Community Engaged Learning

Community-Engaged Learning

Community-Engaged Learning encompasses all of the activities of Gateway’s Impact Program, which includes Service Learning, Civic Engagement and Civic Action Plan, Co-curricular Community Engagement, Unpaid Internships and Volunteer Opportunities. Whether you’re a student, faculty/staff or community member, you can get involved with Community Engaged Learning.

Academic Service Learning

Academic Service Learning focuses on providing engagement opportunities within classes. These opportunities are intentionally integrated into the syllabus and learning objectives of a class and are required projects with structured critical reflection embedded.

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Civic Engagement

In conjunction with the Civic Action Plan, Gateway’s Civic Engagement activities develop an understanding of citizenship, an individual’s role in society, and advocacy for active participation in the democratic process. Civic Engagement projects include the Campus Election Engagement Project, All In Democracy Project, and Get Out the Vote campaigns.

Students can develop community leadership skills in the six-week Impact Fellows program.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought is a referral-based program connecting students with resources on campus and in the community to ensure they have what they need to succeed, such as an emergency food bag containing 2-3 days’ worth of food. To access the program, students must meet with their campus’ Student Support Counselor at 1-800-247-7122.

Co-curricular Community Engagement

Community engagement outside of the classroom through clubs or leadership development programs may still be connected to a student’s career field. Through co-curricular community engagement, students typically don’t engage in formal reflection, though they do have informal reflection opportunities. The Impact Program supports and advises clubs that wish to engage in these experiences. Email the Impact Program coordinator to get your club involved.

Unpaid Internships

Get help finding and cataloging unpaid internship opportunities in the community to meet program requirements. Partnerships with nonprofits and community organizations ensure students access to an array of opportunities to bolster their work-related experience. To learn about the opportunities available, contact the Impact Program coordinator.

Volunteer Opportunities

Members of the Gateway community can sign up for email updates that share volunteer opportunities in the community. The Impact Program also hosts both small and large one-time service events throughout the academic year on campus. Contact the Impact Program coordinator to sign up for the updates.