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We’re here to help you succeed! If you are a high school student, a returning adult or a transfer student with a disability thinking about coming to Gateway to further your education and would like to receive accommodations for your classes and/or placement test (Accuplacer, Companion and/or TABE), please contact a Disability Support Specialist or Instructor on the designated campus you plan to attend.

Transition services available:

  • Coordination of transition process
  • Campus tours
  • Connections with support services
  • Coordination of test accommodations for placement tests
  • First year student experiences case management
  • Dual and transcripted credit opportunities for high school students to begin taking college courses in the career field of their interest

Dual and Transcripted Credit Accommodations

Students who take courses to earn both college and high school credits through Gateway Technical College are known as dual or transcripted students. We encourage and welcome students with disabilities to explore Gateway’s options for earning college credit in high school. 
Explore opportunities to earn college credit in high school

Before reviewing the accommodations for high school students with disabilities earning college credit through Gateway, it’s important to note the difference between students taking transcripted credit courses and dual credit courses:

Transcripted credit courses are classes taught at the student’s high school, by a teacher of that high school using Gateway curriculum.

Dual credit courses include a wide range of options, such as Start College Now and High School Academies that include classes taught at Gateway Technical College that are open to high school students. 

High school students in transcripted credit courses should be aware of the following: 

  • Although your Transcripted Credit courses are physically taking place at your high school, accommodations listed in your IEP or 504 do not automatically apply to Transcripted Credit courses. Not all accommodations available at the high school level may be allowed in college-level classes. 
  • Gateway cannot make curriculum changes as part of your accommodations. 
  • You will be expected to demonstrate the same level of understanding and skill performance as other students in your class and will be held to the same standards of academic and behavioral performance. 

High school students taking dual credit courses at Gateway through programs such as Start College Now or High School Academies should follow standard procedure for documenting their disability and receiving accommodations with assistance from Gateway’s Disability Support Services.