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Academic Development

Whether you need to finish your high school education, learn or improve your English, take a refresher class or obtain support for your academic journey, Gateway Technical College is here to help. We have expert instructors that work with you in whatever area you need the most support.

The following support programs are available for students: Adult Basic EducationAdult High School, and English Language Learners (ELL).

To take advantage of one of these programs or use one of Gateway’s Adult Learning Centers, students must register for an orientation. During the orientation, students will take an assessment test to determine their skill level. They will also learn about the several programs Gateway has to offer. All programs are free for Wisconsin residents. 

Adult Basic Education

Gateway’s Adult Basic Education Centers (ABE) serve more than 2,000 students per year, ranging in age from 17 to 75. The center provides basic skill preparation for those looking to brush up on math, reading and writing skills to become more marketable in their career and provide those who haven’t finished high school the opportunity to purse a GED or HSED to move ahead in their life. ABE Centers are available for Wisconsin residents free of charge. All students must attend an orientation before participating in a program or service.

ABE Centers are located at each campus and some sites in the surrounding communities. Each site is equipped with certified instructors that are there to help you succeed no matter your educational/career goal.  The center also provides computers, learning software, internet access and basic computer operating instruction.

During the orientation students will be provided information to better understand the Center’s services, a personal assessment that helps instructors better understand your educational needs, an individual learning plan, basic supplies and a self-paced learning plan to meet your goals. The center also provides computer-based, self-paced tutorials as well as mini-courses and optional subject-specific group sessions.