Inspiration Grants

Inspiration Grants for faculty, staff, or student groups to develop and implement high quality, innovative projects that advance learning and support college principles and/or the Gateway Technical College mission.

The Foundation will accept requests for 2019 Inspiration Grants in Fall 2019.

Inspiration Grant Awards 2018

The Foundation was pleased to award the following Inspiration Grant projects:

Developmental Doubletime

Lisa Kusko, Instructor Communication, to help students who have been identified in Developmental Education English courses as being ready for college level courses pay for a second Accuplacer placement test

Accelerated Learning

Lisa Kusko, Instructor Communication, to help train Communication instructors in accelerated learning plans, a proven education technique to help students. A qualified trainer will be brought to Gateway.

Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Vicki Wahler, Support Counselor, & Mary Xiong, Multicultural Support Specialist, to utilize two different technology platforms. Kognito at Risk and the College Readiness Program from Screenings of Mental Health Inc.  These will be used to increase accessibility to faculty & staff and students, while enhancing their learning of at-risk behaviors

Increase Veterans Program Completion

Tanya Doherty, Veteran’s Certifying Official, to grant bookstore gift cards as an incentive for Veterans to participate in critical Veteran Information sessions.