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Student Code of Conduct


The Gateway District recognizes that in order to operate a meaningful educational program and a safe environment for students and staff, the Student Code of Conduct will be followed. The Gateway District believes every student has the right to pursue an education free from disruption, harassment, illegal activities, threats, or danger. The District further believes that academic honesty and integrity are fundamental to the educational mission of this College. Every student is expected to comply with the standards set and to be familiar with all the rules and regulations of Gateway Technical College. Any student or group of students may be denied access to the classroom upon the instructor’s determination that the behavior impedes student learning and/or the health and safety of peers, self, or the staff. The instructor will notify the student(s) of their denied access. The dean of campus affairs will also be notified by the end of the working day.

Procedure - Standards

  1. Students are expected to comply with all institutional, federal, state, county, and municipal policies, statutes and ordinances.
  2. At all times, students are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as not to interfere with the educational process at Gateway Technical College.
  3. Students will conduct themselves in such a manner as not to endanger the safety or welfare of their fellow students.
  4. Students must comply with the following College rules and may be subject to discipline, including suspension or expulsion, for the following offenses:
    1. Obstruction or disruption of the normal operations of the College or activities authorized by the College.
    2. Physical or verbal abuse, harassment, or detention of any person(s) on College property or at College activities when such endangers the health, safety, or rights of such persons.
    3. Theft or damage to property of the College or property of any visitor or member of the Gateway Technical College community.
    4. Unauthorized entry to or use of Gateway Technical College property or facilities.
    5. dishonesty, which includes but is not limited to, knowingly furnishing false information to the College, plagiarism, or any form of cheating.
    6. Use, under the influence of, possession, sale or distribution of narcotic or illegal drugs, firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals, alcoholic beverages, etc. on Gateway owned or leased property, or at Gateway sponsored activities.
    7. Possession of a dangerous weapon on College premises or at College-related events.

Nonacademic Discipline, Suspension, or Dismissal

The following procedures have been developed to address a student who has failed to comply with this policy. Any violation of a Gateway Technical College standard or policy may serve as a basis for one of the following actions.

Step 1: A violation will be reported to the dean of campus affairs or designee, who will determine what, if any, disciplinary action is appropriate. Action may be taken to temporarily suspend a student pending an investigation when the student’s continued presence might endanger the student or others.

Step 2: In the event that the administration has reasonable cause to believe that a student has pursued a course of conduct which is contrary to Gateway policy and should require suspension or dismissal, the dean of campus affairs or designee may take appropriate action. Within two (2) days from the action, the student shall be given notice in writing by certified mail or personal delivery regarding the charges and grounds which, if proven, would justify suspension or dismissal within two (2) working days. The notice will also offer the student the opportunity to have a hearing. 

Step 3: If the student requests a hearing, he/she must notify the dean of campus affairs or designee in writing within three (3) working days of receipt of the letter. The student will be notified in writing, by certified mail or personal delivery, of the time and place of a hearing before a disciplinary committee composed of the dean of campus affairs or designee, a staff member, and a student. Said hearing shall be held no less than two (2) working days nor more than seven (7) calendar days from the date the student receives the above notice of hearing. The student shall be provided the name(s) of the witness(es) testifying against him/her and an oral or written report on the facts to which each witness testifies.

Step 4: At any hearing before the disciplinary committee, the student shall have the right to present testimony on his/her own behalf, call witnesses, and be represented by legal counsel of his/her choosing.

Step 5: The committee shall issue a dated, written order (to the student) informing the student of the decision. The order may be personally delivered or sent certified mail. The decision of the committee is final.

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