Student Rights and Policies

Empower yourself with knowledge! As a Gateway student, you have the right to know and have access to Gateway’s policies for student rights, procedures and complaints. Staying informed about your rights as a student keeps your campus community running smoothly and helps you stay on top of important information such as submitting a report, weather closings, grading policies and more.

Please refer to the policies manual for a full list of Gateway Technical College policies.


Your student records and information are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

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Student Code of Conduct

Please review our Student Code of Conduct policy to review student expectations and steps of discipline for students who do not comply.

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Student Rights and Responsibilities

As a Gateway student, you have rights and responsibilities in areas of governance, service, due process for academic concerns and conduct.

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Student Complaints and Concerns

You have a right to make your voice heard. Students with concerns or complaints are welcome to use Gateway’s Student Complaint form to share their experience and get in touch with someone who can help.

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Grading Policies

Manage your grades and achievements by familiarizing yourself with Gateway’s grading policies.

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Weather Closings

Stay informed about Gateway’s policies for cancelling classes or closing campuses due to bad weather.

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