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Mission & Goals


Service Learning at Gateway Technical College creates mutually beneficial partnerships among students, faculty, staff, and our community.  Through active learning, meaningful service, and reflection, students develop deeper awareness of the diverse communities in which they live and the value of civic engagement among community members.


Through Gateway’s learning programs, individuals internalize the value of civic engagement and actively transform their communities.


  • To offer the opportunity for each student to become civically engaged
  • To bring the community onto campus
  • To Link theory with practice
  • To offer more highly-skilled and valuable potential employees as Gateway Graduates

Definition of service Learning

A teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibilities and strengthen communities.

Service learning experiences are education experiences that 

  • Identify a societal issue or context
  • Are planned collaboratively by students and community partners
  • Connect service opportunities with disciplines of study
  • Identify attainable goals that are mutually valued by all partners
  • Create opportunities for community partners to educate students
  • Allow students to provide meaningful service activities
  • Require reflection by the students
  • Asses the outcomes for all partners
  • Disseminate the results publicly

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