Search Process

The Board of Trustees has begun the search process for the next president of Gateway Technical College.

The selection process will take place in the coming months and include:





  • Search Start-up Meeting: Search committee and G/A&A meet to discuss search process and finalize documents
  • Feedback incorporated into key search documents



  • Position advertisement and job description drafted and distributed
  • Requests for nominations and recommendations
  • Nominees and prospects are contacted and applications are received and reviewed
  • Prospect Review Meeting: Search committee discusses all candidates and selects candidates to move to interviewing phase


  • Round-One Interviews: Search committee interviews selected candidates 
  • Referencing and initial background checks conducted
  • Reference Feedback Meeting: Search committee recommends/selects candidates to move to campus visit phase

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  • Campus visits/interviews
  • College board meeting and selection of new president
  • Signing of contract
  • Transition considerations


  • Announce search completion and introduce hired candidate