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Marketing careers offer a strong job outlook for Gateway graduates. Opportunities in marketing related fields are expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations through 2020. By studying the principles of marketing, marketing management, advertising, branding, professional selling, digital marketing, consumer behavior, relationship marketing, business market strategies and market research, students will be prepared to enter the exciting field of marketing. Students develop people skills, creativity, the ability to explore new trends in business and develop and understanding of consumer behavior.

Gateway offers three degree options, General Marketing, Marketing Communications, and Business to Business Marketing.

Marketing - General

Associate Degree Program Requirements: PDF icon 10-104-3A Marketing Curriculum Sheet 2015-16.pdf

The appeal of the General Marketing associate degree program is that it is all about understanding people and what makes them behave in the way they do and why they buy what they buy. This degree program focuses on the relationship between the business and the consumer. Become career ready by applying real world projects in advertising, social media, public relations, visual merchandising and marketing research.

Marketing - Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

Associate Degree Program Requirements: PDF icon 10-104-3B Marketing Curriculum Sheet 2015-16.pdf

The Business to Business program focuses on the unique strategies required to market, promote and sell goods and services from one business to another. Application of business marketing tools includes a multilayered strategy consisting of customer relationship management (CRM), web communications, media campaigns and targeted business marketing.

Marketing - Marketing Communications

Associate Degree Program Requirements: PDF icon 10-104-3D Marketing Curriculum Sheet 2015-16.pdf

Have you ever wanted a career in advertising? Gateway's Marketing Communications degree program will engage the student in the cutting edge world of marketing and the creative world of graphic design. This program is for those who want to plan, create and produce advertising. Students will immerse themselves in fundamentals of design, advanced promotion techniques, digital marketing, and web page design.

What does a marketing professional do?

Graduates of the marketing programs at Gateway Technical College will have skill sets required to be successful in an increasingly competitive national and international market place.

General Marketing careers include marketing coordinator, public relations specialist, advertising associate, visual merchandiser, buyer, and sales professional.

Business to Business marketing graduates can find a career as a professional sales representative, product development associate, purchasing agent, global manufacturer’s representative, promotions specialist, and marketing research analyst.

A graduate of the Marketing Communications degree program will be prepared for a career in advertising development, digital communication design, social media content manager, and marketing coordination.

Learning by doing

Marketing students are given an array of hands-on learning opportunities in class and throughout the program including clubs, internships and international education. Gateway’s Collegiate DECA is an award winning student club that provides professional growth and networking opportunities. Participants get to show off their marketing skills by competing in marketing competitions at the state, regional, and international levels.

The Biz Squad internship program located on all three main campuses includes Marketing students and those from other business programs. The internship program provides excellent hands-on learning for students, while helping local businesses at the same time. Student teams combine their expertise to assist an area business with a real-world project.

Marketing students often have the opportunity to study abroad as part of Gateway’s International Education program. International learning opportunities could include being part of a global project team with students from Germany.

Job and salary outlook

The salary for marketing positions vary greatly due to the various marketing careers and years of experience an individual may have. High-end marketers can see a six-figure income. Employment of marketing, promotions and advertising representatives is expected to grow 13 to 14 percent through 2020.



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