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Supervisory Management

Program Requirements: 

Do you want to be the boss?  Then be the best boss you can be by earning an associate degree in Supervisory Management from Gateway Technical College. The flexibility of earning your degree completely online or in accelerated courses in the evening or even a combination of these delivery types will get you that promotion with minimal interruption to your schedule.  The Supervisory Management program’s coursework is designed for people who want to gain managerial skills fast so that they can maximize their career opportunities. The program is designed to fit your busy lifestyle and to give you the knowledge and support of up to eight different certifications.  The program’s curriculum provides a blend of human relations and management development disciplines through positive motivation of employees.

The program is offered online, and on each campus.  The on-campus courses are in an accelerated format.  That means the class meeting are for five weeks on the same night.  That means you could take three courses in a semester on a single evening in one semester.  The courses would run back to back to back.  The design of the program is to help you earn a certificate each semester.  The four professional certificates are:

In addition to these certificates you can earn specialized certificates within courses.  The four national certificates include:

  • Certified Service Specialist
  • Certified Service Manager
  • Certified Safety (MSSC)
  • Certified Quality (MSSC)

If you are a busy employee and are looking for skills that will get you to the next level this is the program for you.  The flexibility of the delivery of our courses and the accelerated nature will give you all the skills with the least interruption to your life.  Examples of some of our courses are:

  • Leadership Development (196-190)
  • Supervision (196-191)
  • Human Resource Management (196-193)
  • Legal Issues for Supervisors (196-134)
  • Team Building and Problem Solving (196-189)
  • Managing for Quality (196-192)
  • Certified Service Specialist (196-137)

What does a manager/supervisor do?

The Supervisory Management associate degree program prepares individuals to move up to a position as manager, supervisor, lead, manager trainee or management assistant. Managers are responsible for overseeing staff and the daily operation of a business. Daily operations can include ordering supplies, building maintenance, handling customer complaints, bank deposits and basic budgetary tasks.

Job and salary outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of managers/supervisors is expected to increase 14 percent through 2020. The median annual salary of managers/supervisors was $45,830 in 2014.



Michael Hashek

Mike Benoit

Paul Ehlers

Program Administration

Ray Koukari, Dean

Manoj Babu, Associate Dean