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Committee begins receiving applications for Gateway Board of Trustees

The Board Appointment Committee for the Gateway Technical College District Board of Trustees has begun accepting applications from district residents seeking appointment to the board.

Deadline to apply for the appointment is noon, February 22.

Three seats are open for appointment. Those holding the three seats up for reappointment are Bethany Ormseth, William Duncan and Zaida Hernandez-Irisson. The three-year appointments for those seats begin July 1, 2022, and end June 30, 2025.

Of the open seats, one must be from Walworth County, one from Racine County and one from Kenosha County. In addition, the group of those selected must also meet the following criteria:

One must be an employer member. In general, this is someone who possesses the power to hire, suspend, layoff, fire, promote or reward other employees, and also to suspend, recall or handle discharges and grievances of other employees.

One must be an employee member. In general, this is someone who is employed but does not meet the classification of an employer member.

One must be an additional member. In general, all residents of a technical college district are eligible to serve as an additional member for the college.

Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Applications must be notarized, include two letters of reference, and applicants must be present to meet and be interviewed in an online format at the 5:30 p.m. March 15 meeting of the appointment committee. Chairpersons of the Kenosha County, Walworth County and Racine County boards of supervisors make up the interview committee.

Those interested in applying can obtain the application/affidavit packet:

Online at

From the office of the college president, located at the Inspire Center at Gateway’s Kenosha Campus, 3520-30th Ave., Kenosha. Contact: Board of Trustees administrator Kelly Bartlett,