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International Initiatives

Gateway’s continues to grow its efforts in international education from course design to international partnerships and beyond.

International Education Week

Gateway’s International Education Week celebrates the benefits of global cultures, international education, and global partnerships.  Activities and events planned for November of each year include an international photo contest, fair trade marketplace and fashion show with live cultural entertainment.

Multicultural programming

A collaboration of Gateway’s Student Activities office and Multicultural program, a diverse mix of cultural programming is offered throughout the year including celebrations of Hispanic, Asian and African American heritage months.

Moroccan partnership

Gateway’s Workforce and Economic Development Division is participating in two Higher Education Department (HED) grants with partner school, Ecole Superieire de Technologie d’Oujda, Morocco.

Automotive diagnostics

Gateway lead a successful implementation of an unprecedented automotive facility at Universite’ Mohammed I Oujda/Ecole Superieure de Technologie (EST) in Morocco with partners around the nation. Gateway is now involved in program implementation and planning the next phase to include expansion in the energy sector

Entrepreneurialism, product development & prototyping

After an initial 6-month planning grant to support the creation of a long-term partnership to strengthen the capacity of Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) partner institutions through the promotion of entrepreneurship, Gateway and its partners are ready to proceed with a two-year grant of $450,000.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Gateway offers students a variety of opportunities to study abroad through its own programs including Global Scholars and Global Enrichment as well as through consortiums with other colleges/organizations.

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