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International Education

Gateway Technical College recognizes the need for its students to prepare for careers in the ever-changing global economy and is internationalizing its campus and curriculum to give its students a step up in today’s marketplace. Gateway offers a variety of international education opportunities ranging from study abroad to international partnerships. Students and faculty are encouraged to get involved and think globally.

In addition to the numerous benefits of studying abroad that research shows, Gateway has at least three additional reasons you should get involved with Study Abroad: our exclusive ongoing partnerships with organizations in nations around the world, the blogs that document how students have learned and grown during their study abroad experiences and Gateway’s student-run International Club, which brings international learning experiences back to Wisconsin and provide more hands-on learning for students that prepares them for a successful career.

Explore your career Internationally

Gateway Study Abroad courses are designed for specific programs/majors to have international career education experiences, with applications are accepted through October for the following year's programs.

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