More about Academic Service Learning

If you are taking a class that involves a service learning component or are considering doing so, you should be aware of its benefits and the ways Gateway recognizes your efforts and achievement. Academic service learning helps you: 

  • become a more marketable job applicant
  • develop your critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills 
  • connect with diverse cultures and communities, as well as social issues and their underlying causes
  • practice real-world adaptability skills
  • discover your strengths and value in the community.

In many ways, you can think of your academic service learning experience like a job: the connections you make may very well help your career after graduation. Above all, remember to stay in contact with your instructor, and if you have any other questions, contact Sarah Marbes, Impact Program coordinator, at

You can earn Service Learning Certificates of Completion at no extra cost. You can highlight these achievements on your resume or in your portfolio. Digital or paper copies can be requested by an instructor. Requests must include: 

  1. list of student names (double checked for spelling)
  2. hours (if they vary)
  3. community partner and project (if it varies)

Paper copies take about a week to get to you via intercampus mail (via the print shop). Digital copies take about a day or two (depending on scheduling)

Additionally, Gateway offers a Service Scholars acknowledgement at commencement. Gateway Technical College Service Scholars are civically engaged and socially responsible students who have actively participated in over 50 hours of service learning within the Gateway community at home or abroad. Service Scholars are engaged either in their courses, clubs or independently and have worked on projects that directly relate to their program area while meeting a defined immediate need in the community.