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The TEAS test was developed to measure basic essential skills for nursing in four content areas. Gateway Technical College nursing students must achieve a passing score before they can begin petitioning.  The chart below highlights each of the four content areas, the number of items on each area, and the amount of time allotted to complete that section.

TEAS Skills Test

Content Area

Number of Test Items

Amount of Time Allotted



50 minutes



56 minutes



38 minutes

English and Language Usage


65 minutes



209 minutes

Currently, Gateway Technical College requires an adjusted individual total score of 58.7%. Students who need to retest must wait a minimum of 30 days until their next test, and must complete all four sections each time they test.

ATI offers products to help students prepare for the TEAS test, including the TEAS Study Manual and TEAS Online Practice Assessment, which can be purchased at If you need further assistance preparing for your test, free study materials and instructor support are offered at Gateway's Student Success Centers. Contact your campus's location for current hours. Elkhorn Campus: 262-564-2683, Kenosha Campus: 262-564-2796, Racine Campus: 262-564-2103.

Locations Offered: Elkhorn, Kenosha, and Racine campuses

Cost: $58.00

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