Testing Services

Many students benefit each semester by visiting their campus’ Testing Services department. Whether your goal is to earn your GED, test out of certain classes, earn credit for prior learning or anything in between, Gateway’s Testing Services can help you on your academic endeavors. 

Gateway’s Testing Services department offers many different types of exams, including the Accuplacer, Pearson Vue, CLEP and more. Testing Centers are located on our Elkhorn, Kenosha and Racine campuses, however, not all tests are offered on each campus. Please browse our lists of tests to learn where you can take each individual test. You must make an appointment in order to take a test and payment is required at the time of sign-up. 

Here are a few tips for test-taking at Gateway: 

  • Bring an appropriate ID when you check in to take your test. Unless your specific test requests otherwise, acceptable forms of ID include government-issued IDs such as Driver’s License, State ID or passport. 
  • Schedule your testing appointment for a day and time when you will be able to arrive well-rested and ready to devote full concentration on your test. 
  • Verify your testing information, including the date, time and location of your test. 
  • Prepare for your test by reviewing important information about your test, sample questions and other test-specific information. You can also utilize our Learning Success resources to help you succeed. 
  • Arrive on-time for your test. For test sessions with a specific start time listed, it’s a good idea to arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for check-in.
  • During your test, allow yourself enough time to complete your test without rushing and read the instructions carefully. To find the length of your exam, click on "Tests Available" in the menu, then click on your specific exam name for additional information.

We wish you success on all tests taken through Gateway’s Testing Services!