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Students in the Fab Lab

Students of all ages and grade levels are welcomed and encouraged to bring their ideas to reality right before their eyes. From kindergarteners to Gateway students, we offer tons of opportunities to get to work in the Fab Lab, explore future career options in engineering or manufacturing, develop creative thinking and learn about entrepreneurship. 

Gateway Students in the Fab Lab

We welcome and encourage Gateway students to stop by the Fab Lab during Open Lab times! Whether you want to learn more about 3D printing or explore the different types of art you can create in the Fab Lab, our experienced technicians are here to help you get started, and provide some background or instruction when you need it. You can also make a specific training request by filling out the Fab Lab request form

Gateway students also have the opportunity to join the Fab Lab Creative Design Circle student club to get more involved in the Fab Lab. Please contact Adam Reed at or Kristen Cajka at with any questions. 

Maker Music Club

The Maker Music Club is perfect for students with an interest in music… and creating their own instruments! In the Fab Lab, you get to do both. By joining or forming a Music Maker Club, you’ll get to create your own musical masterpiece using a harmonica made from combs and wax paper or a xylophone styled from glasses filled with different depths of water. Your imagination is the limit to what you and your club can use to make and present sound! 

Your Music Maker Club can consist of any number of members of any age, but at least one advisor is required. If possible, clubs should have a parent involved and a musical mentor and should meet one per week. 

To register, participants must agree to follow a code of conduct as well as commit themselves to a performance or recital with the instruments produced at the Spring Regional Maker Concert, to be held through collaboration with Dr. John Bryant Community Center. Participants, along with their legal guardian, must sign and return all relevant permission forms. Participating clubs must provide their own transportation to the iMET Center’s Fab Lab, and clubs are responsible for finding or purchasing any materials used to build instruments through their own fundraising efforts, though the Fab Lab will provide guidance and support in organizing such efforts.

For more information or to get registration forms for your Maker Music Club, contact John Zehren, the Fab Lab Program Manager, at or by calling 262-564-2677.

Summer Camps

Each summer, the Fab Lab hosts several exciting, hands-on summer camps to get kids in 5th - 12th grade creating in the Fab Lab. Learn more about upcoming campus at