Fab Lab 3D Printer

Featured Fab Lab Equipment

3D printers, CNC mills/routers, laser engravers, soldering equipment, vinyl cutters, 3D scanning and embroidery machines… all the innovative equipment in the Fab Lab allows for innovative craftsmanship, high-quality art and the development of brand new ideas. Learn the in-and-outs of typical Fab Lab equipment and how each individual piece plays a role in inspiring makers in the Fab Lab and allows us to bring our dreams to life through a combination of engineering, manufacturing, technology and art. 

Since the equipment in the Fab Lab is ever-evolving, the following are general descriptions of typical Fab Lab equipment:

  • 3D Printers: 3D printers allow you to build a three dimensional object created through computer-aided design (CAD). You can create virtually anything you can think of with a 3D printer!
  • 3D Scanners: 3D scanners are used to analyze the surface geometry of an object to create a three dimensional representation. This data can then be edited and recreated with a 3D printer or milled on a CNC/router. 
  • Vinyl Cutters: Vinyl cutters are computerized machines with sharp blades that can be used to cut vinyl graphics for window or adhesive decals, t-shirt transfers and advertisements.
  • Laser Engravers: You can use laser engravers to cut and etch words, designs and images onto a wide variety of materials. 
  • CNC Mills/Routers: Computer Numerical Control Mills and Routers are computer-controlled cutting machines used for cutting various hard materials, such as wood, composites, aluminium, plastics, glass and foams.