Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning

Learning that occurs outside the classroom is called Credit for Prior Learning (CFPL) and may be awarded for verified prior learning assessed by Gateway-appointed faculty and content experts using a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). PLA recognizes prior learning through the awarding of academic proficiency credit (PR). CFPL can provide you with an avenue to receive credit for these past experiences, save money on tuition and accelerate the completion of your educational goals. 

Eligibility for CFPL

All students accepted into an associate degree, technical diploma, certificate or apprenticeship program offered by Gateway are eligible to pursue credit for prior learning through Gateway’s established and approved PLAs.

Students are responsible for any PLA specific fees as well as the standard PLA Assessment Fee of $50 for exams and $90 for Portfolio & Demonstrative Assessments (subject to change at any time). In addition, our Testing Centers have a $15 appointment fee.

Options for CFPL 

  • College Level Examination: Gateway accepts certain national exams as college credit for students who receive an acceptable score. Learn more
  • Veteran/Military CFPL: Learn how to submit an official JST transcript to have evaluated for CFPL. Learn more
  • High School Students: High school students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses and take an exam to earn college credit. You can also have plenty of dual credit opportunities to earn Gateway credit while still in high school. Learn more
  • PLA: See below to discover how your prior work or learning experience can be reviewed and accepted as credit at Gateway.

Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) recognizes prior learning through the awarding of academic proficiency credit (PR). If you have prior learning experience, you may be able to pass PLA tests and earn credits toward your diploma or degree at Gateway. 

PLA at Gateway is offered in three different delivery methods:

  • Credit by Examination - A Gateway faculty-developed examination
  • Portfolio Submission - Preparing a portfolio containing evidence that course competencies have been met
  • Demonstrative - Performance of skill set; demonstrating mastery of skills or competencies

To view the PLAs available by program offered at Gateway, please click your program of interest below to view the programs CFPL sheet. The general education and major courses available for CFPL within the program will be listed, along with the PLA type and requirements of the PLA.

CFPL Refund Policy

If you are currently in the course you wish to pursue CFPL, the course refund policy is calculated using the first day of the course. You have 30 calendar days on courses running 15-16 weeks and 7 calendar days on courses running 3-4 weeks to complete your PLA and receive a 100% tuition refund. Please note, course 890-155: Gateway To Success is not eligible for the CFPL refund policy. Students are expected to submit official transcripts for review before their section of Gateway To Success begins with enough lead time to drop the course for a 100% refund under our course refund policy.

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