Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) recognizes prior learning through the awarding of academic proficiency credit (PR). If you have prior learning experience, you may be able to pass Prior Learning Assessment tests and earn credits toward your diploma or degree at Gateway. Credit or its equivalent is awarded for learning, with consideration given for work experience. ​

PLA at Gateway Technical College is offered in three different delivery methods:

  • Credit by Examination - A Gateway faculty-developed examination
  • Portfolio Submission - Preparing a portfolio containing evidence that course competencies have been met
  • Demonstrative - Performance of skill set; demonstrating mastery of skills or competencies

Please note that delivery methods vary based on course. For some courses, you may choose the method you prefer, and for others you are required to deliver your PLA solely by examination, portfolio or demonstration. 

For current listings, please visit the main CFPL web page.


Note: PLA and Testing Center fees are charged and are not covered by financial aid.

PLA Fees

  • PLA Test - $50.00
  • PLA Skills Performance Test - $90.00
  • PLA Portfolio Review - $90.00
  • Only the higher of the fees is charged for PLAs that require more than one assessment.

Testing Center Fee

  • Testing Center Appointment Fee - $15.00

All fees should be paid within 30 days and are non-refundable. Per the Gateway Technical College Board policy, you will not be able to register for classes, receive grades or transcripts until all fees are paid in full.