Volunteer Opportunities

Gateway Foundation provides opportunities to share your skills and talents in support of Gateway students. We offer both year-round and annual opportunities.

Foundation Board of Directors

Board members provide critical leadership, oversight and guidance to the Foundation. Board terms are typically three years. 

Board members commit to:

  • Representing the organization to the community, serving as an ambassador for the Foundation and the college
  • Attending at least half of the full board meetings, held quarterly
  • Serving and participating on at least one board committee and attending at least half of the committee meetings
  • Actively engaging in fundraising and friend-raising
  • Acting in the best interest of the Foundation and excusing themselves from discussion where they may have a conflict of interest.

Board meetings rotate among Gateway's campuses and centers. Generally, teleconferencing is available for board and committee meetings.
The Foundation commits to providing materials in advance of meetings, providing orientation for new board members and keeping board members informed about the Foundation and the College.

Board Committee Members

Board Committees help carry out the mission of the organization. They are comprised of Board members and non-Board members. Depending on the needed work of the committee, committee members typically meet several times a year for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. Meeting times depend upon the schedules of committee members. Committee members often complete assignments outside of committee meetings. Length of term is typically one year with the opportunity to renew involvement.

Board Development & Nominating Committee

  • Ensures high quality community members lead the Foundation
  • Recruits and nominates Board officers, directors and committee members
  • Presents the slate of officers and directors at the annual meeting
  • Fills vacancies
  • Oversees the orientation of new members and ongoing development of current members
  • Develops succession plan for future Board officers
  • Tends to meet October, monthly January through July     

Donor Stewardship

  • Engages the board in donor stewardship
  • Promotes philanthropic values throughout the organization
  • Oversees the development of a donor stewardship plan, sets priorities and goals 
  • Educates board and committee members in the best practices of donor stewardship, volunteer management, and fund development
  • Generally meets quarterly, in advance of the quarterly Board meeting

Executive Committee

  • Overall governance, strategic planning, policy and oversight of policy implementation for the Foundation
  • Made up of Board officers and committee chairs
  • Ensures the Board and Board committees are supporting the mission, vision, and strategic direction of the Foundation
  • Generally meets quarterly, in advance of the quarterly Board meeting

Finance & Investments

  • Reports on financial status of the Foundation
  • Recommends banking and other financial relationship selection or termination
  • Establishes and maintains policies and guidelines for expenditure of Foundation funds including trust and endowed scholarship agreements
  • Oversees financial record keeping as well as establishes and monitors a budget for Foundation operations
  • Generally meets quarterly

Golf Committee

  • Oversees the development of an event plan
  • Leads overall board effort to assist in identifying prospective individuals and corporations to participate in the Golf Outing
  • Responsible for involving all Board members in participation
  • Meets monthly between January and June; and in September

Gateway Foundation Presents: Innovation Celebration Event Committee

  • Oversees the development of the event plan
  • Leads overall board effort to assist in identifying and soliciting potential sponsors and guests to participate in the evening event
  • Responsible for involving all Board Members in participation
  • Meets monthly between February and September

Scholarship & Disbursement

  • Oversees the awarding and disbursement of program funds
  • Reads scholarship and grant applications; recommends awards
  • Recommends any policy changes in disbursements of funds
  • Meets quarterly ( largest number of scholarships reviewed in late October/ early November)

Scholarship Application Review Committee Member

Application Review Committee Members evaluate scholarship applications based upon the set of provided criteria and make recommendations to Foundation staff about the rank order of scholarship candidates. This service typically takes 10-15 hours in the fall or 10 hours in the spring. Length of term is typically one year with the opportunity to renew involvement.