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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gateway Technical College Foundation, Inc.?
Gateway Technical College Foundation, Inc. is an organization that is separate from Gateway Technical College. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which receives, holds, and disburses funds for the betterment of the college and its students. The Foundation was incorporated in 1977 to provide a means for people, organizations, and businesses to participate in the support of the college.

What is the vision and mission of Gateway Technical College Foundation, Inc.?
VisionWe serve as the leading advocate to support and facilitate the Vision and Mission of Gateway Technical College.
MissionTo support, promote and facilitate the educational activities of Gateway Technical College by soliciting contributions of funds, equipment and other resources, and by making available a variety of financial support for selected programs.

Why does Gateway Technical College need a foundation?
There are several reasons why the development of the Foundation can assist the college. Because of state restrictions on how community and technical colleges may receive and disburse gifts and grants, fundraising is cumbersome, if not impossible, for the college as an entity. As a separate body, the Foundation can raise dollars for grants and scholarships and make investments to build an endowment for the future.

But the major advantage of the Foundation is that it provides a means of fostering public interest in the college’s work. This is particularly important for a technical college, which often doesn’t have an active overall alumni group or support organization and thus needs a channel to involve community leaders in its operation. A strong Foundation board of prominent, community-minded citizens not only opens doors to needed support dollars, but it also helps to interest other citizens with an appreciation for the goals and objectives of the college. Thus the Foundation provides a way for the entire community, as well as the college’s alumni, students, and employees, to participate in the overall development and stability of Gateway Technical College.

Why does the college need private funding?
There are several specific reasons for a tax-assisted technical college to seek private contributions. The Foundation assists in the fiscal stability of the college’s educational services. The budget required by the college is only partially met by state allocations, and those dollars have decreased by large amounts as a percentage of Gateway Technical College’s budget over the past 15-20 years. Gateway Technical College is challenged to meet the fiscal needs of its educational programs, as well as supporting the needs of its students. More than 70 percent of Gateway Technical College’s students are eligible for federal financial aid, which normally only covers a small percentage of a student’s financial needs. Gateway Technical College Foundation helps those students through grants and scholarships, but the number of applicants and the needs are always much greater than the Foundation’s ability to help. That’s why private donations are so critical in helping to maintain the ability to assist those students with the greatest needs.

What does the Foundation do for the college?
The Foundation is empowered to solicit and receive gifts (whether money or other tangible assets) from individuals, partnerships, corporations, or any other sources. Such gifts may be directed toward specific purposes or may be given without restriction to be used as determined by the Foundation’s board of directors.

Who is responsible for the Foundation operations?
The direct management of Gateway Technical College Foundation is vested in its volunteer board of directors, comprised of business and professional leaders from the community and representatives of the college.

What is the relationship between the Foundation and the college?
Even though the Foundation is a separate, legal entity, through its affiliation with the college, it must disburse its funds for the benefit of Gateway Technical College and its students.

How can I participate in the Foundation?
Each individual who makes a contribution to Gateway Technical College Foundation is actually participating by supporting the goals and objectives of the college. But in addition to financial contributions, the Foundation welcomes gifts of time, energy, advice, guidance, and leadership to support the Foundation in carrying out its purpose.

How can I help support Gateway Technical College Foundation?
Many citizens in Southeastern Wisconsin communities, and even beyond, believe Gateway Technical College Foundation is an excellent way for private citizens, business and industry, and other organizations to help their community’s College through tax-deductible contributions of:

  • Gifts for Scholarships and/or the Endowment
  • Gifts for Capital/Building Campaigns
  • Donations of Equipment, Supplies, Property, or Real Estate
  • Planned Giving (Bequests)

Contact us
For information about Gateway Technical College Foundation or to discuss a contribution, please contact Jennifer Charpentier, executive director, via email at, by telephone at (262)564-2866 or by mail at Gateway Technical College Foundation, Inc., 3520 30th Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53144.