Board Orientation & Resources

Board Orientation and Resources

The orientation of new board members begins after the selection committee comprised of County Board Chairs from Kenosha, Racine and Walworth counties completes the interview and selection process.

Board Operations Manual

Orientation Activities

The new member (not yet confirmed by the Wisconsin Technical College Board)  is asked to:

  • Attend a Board Meeting and Budget Hearing
  • Increase knowledge of Policy Governance© - "The Policy Governance© Model: An Introduction by John and Miriam Carver" (this DVD is available in the President’s Office. Please call 262-564-3000)
  • Have knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Tour Gateway Facilities and complete an on-boarding orientation with the guidance of the Assistant to the President/Board Liaison (found on page 6 of the Board Operations Manual) 

Orientation Activities After Confirmation by WTCS

Become acquainted with Wisconsin Statutes governing technical colleges and open meetings.

  • Technical College System - Chapter 38
  • Open Meetings – Chapter 19.81
  • Public Records – Chapter 19.31

Gateway Technical College Board members are encouraged to attend meetings of the Wisconsin Technical College District Boards Association and become active in their committees.

The organizational meeting—the first meeting for new board members—features an election of officers and selection of responsibilities such as who will represent Gateway on the Wisconsin Technical College District Boards Association’s various committees.

During July, prior to and including the July board planning retreat, new board members are asked to learn about the college's:

In addition to these online resources, board members will learn about college structure and policies directly from the president and vice presidents.

Gateway Technical College is also a member of the Association of Community College Trustees, which provides a national perspective on college issues.

Board members and the public are always invited to ask Gateway staff questions to gain clarity about the organization and its efforts.