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Prepare for a next-generation career through Gateway’s Industry 4.0 programs. Industry 4.0 refers to the fusion of manufacturing, engineering and IT to create smarter, more innovative machinery and technology. These interconnected systems improve efficiency and accuracy, reduce human intervention and create a strong economic benefit.

Because of global organizations such as Foxconn, Haribo and Amazon, the need for skilled Industry 4.0 employees is higher than ever in Southeast Wisconsin. Depending on the organization and field, salaries can begin at upwards of $50,000 per year. You’ll also gain peace of mind knowing you’re entering an in-demand career field with plenty of opportunities for growth.

Big Ideas

To prepare you to begin a rewarding Industry 4.0 career, we offer many programs that help you develop skills to meet the needs of area employers in the fields of advanced manufacturing, engineering and information technology. You’ll graduate confident in your skills and abilities and ready to take on the exciting world of Industry 4.0.

Our Industry 4.0 Programs:

Big Technology

All of these programs are offered at Gateway’s state-of-the-art SC Johnson iMET Center. The center is known around our community as southeast Wisconsin’s hub for manufacturing, engineering and IT training. Features include an Industrial Design Fab Lab, Fanuc robotics, CNC machinery, world-class engineering, technology and architecture classrooms, labs, and Tarnowski Hall, a newly expanded manufacturing training center.

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