Why Hire Gateway Graduates?

We’re confident that Gateway graduates possess the skills, knowledge and confidence to better any organization they join. From curriculum structured around area industry needs to the fact that 92% of graduates are able to find jobs within six months of graduation, it’s no surprise that community businesses love Gateway graduates. Here are a few more reasons why Gateway students and alumni stand out: 

  • Gateway provides hands-on career training through 70+ programs of study designed to meet the industry demands of Southeastern Wisconsin.
  • Students learn from highly skilled instructors, industry leaders and experts who equip them with the tools they need to excel.
  • Our courses stand out by not only providing subject matter expertise, but by emphasizing professional soft skill development.
  • 20,000+ diverse students gain a broad perspective by learning alongside those with different experiences and world views.
  • Gateway provides state-of-the-art career labs, utilizing the latest technology and tools used by professionals in the field.

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