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IT - Web Developer Programs

As the Internet becomes more integrated into our lives, future demand for people who have the knowledge and experience necessary to build and maintain websites will increase as well. Web developers and webmasters work in a variety of environments including corporations, government and other computer companies. Web developers create and update company’s websites for day-to-day operations of the site. Gateway offers an Information Technology Web Developer associate degree program and an Information Technology Junior Web Developer technical diploma program.

IT - Web Developer

Associate Degree Program Requirements: PDF icon 10-152-3A IT - Web Developer Curriculum Sheet 2015-16.pdf

Gateway’s Web Developer associate degree program focuses on the programming languages deployed on the web, and building dynamic websites along with database driven backend principals. In this two-year associate degree program, students will learn from the ground up how to utilize various web programming languages such as Java, PHP, Ruby on rails,, JQuery, AJAX and JavaScript, core web technologies such as HTML, XML and CSS and enterprise databases such MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server to increase the productivity of websites. Programming principles are taught and enhanced in every course to ensure ease in transition from one language to another.

Students have the option to complete the entire program online, or take selected classes online. This gives students the convenience of working around their schedule but gaining the education and skills needed to obtain a job in this demanding field.

IT – Junior Web Developer

Technical Diploma Program Requirements: PDF icon 31-152-4 IT-Junior Web Developer Curriculum Sheet 2015-2016.pdf

The Information Technology Junior Web Developer diploma trains students in the development of business web sites using a variety of programming and scripting languages. Topics include web site design and development and basic knowledge of SQL and back-end databases.

Gateway’s Junior Web Developer technical diploma qualifies students for entry-level positions such as junior web developer and junior web programmer. The 34-credit Junior Web Developer program will prepare students to utilize web design principles, standards, and best practices in designing effective and usable websites. Most courses are offered online. The Junior Web Developer program allows students to continue on to the IT-Web Developer associate degree once completed.

Gainful Employment Information

What does an IT-web developer/administrator do?

As Internet usage and ecommerce grows, there is an increased need for web developers to create and maintain websites. Graduates from the Web Developer program have a number of career options including web designer, web programmer, UI designer, SEO specialist, web project manager, webmaster and e-commerce specialist.

Learning by doing

The Web Developer program is taught using a hands-on approach that provides students with real world experience and training. Course projects often include students working with area businesses and organizations, assisting them with building and updating their websites.
Students will gain real-world experience by taking an IT Web Project Management class. Students can additionally take a web or Biz Squad internship class. The Biz Squad internship class includes Web Developer students and those from other business programs. Student groups are teamed up with Gateway faculty to meet the needs of local businesses and organizations. The internship program provides excellent hands-on learning for students, while helping local businesses and organizations at the same time.
Participation in the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) student organization is highly encouraged. Beyond networking and professional development, members can compete at state and national competitions. Gateway also offers study abroad opportunities to IT students. International education opportunities could include participation in a global project team with students from Germany and Morocco or providing IT support to a community in Belize.

Job and salary outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary of web developers in the state of Wisconsin ranged from $55,140 to $60,280 in 2014. In the surrounding states of Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan, the mean annual salary of web developers ranged from $68,710 to $82,420.



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