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News Release:

Gateway Technical College again hosted the annual National Coalition of Certification Centers NC3 leadership summit, an event that brought in more than 150 education leaders and industry experts from across the nation.

The July 2021 summit featured train-the-trainer sessions taught by Gateway and industry instructors who provided advanced training to college instructors and high school teachers so they, in turn, can provide that training to their own students. Skills taught were those most needed by employers in today’s industry, including torque, 3-D printing, building automation systems, VDV and fiber optics, to name a few.

“It was great to have this event return this year to an in-person format -- we heard that from everyone,” said Matt Janisin, vice president, Business and Workforce Solutions, Gateway Technical College. “It was a nice return to normalcy for an event we’ve hosted since 2008.

“In addition to the technical skills they will gain from master trainers, instructors who attended will also gain that perspective of being a student as they learn those skills. It will help them as they take what they’ve learned and deliver them to their own students.”

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