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Gateway to provide state-funded training to 10 areas businesses

Gateway will train 393 workers from 10 area companies as part of Workforce Advancement Training Grant initiatives totaling $322,383.

The grants will support a company’s efforts for continuous improvement, increasing efficiency and productivity. They will help a company to retain the workers they currently have and to increase its competitive productivity.

“I am so happy we are able to bring these training resources to our community,” says Kate Walker, director of operations at Gateway’s Business and Workforce Solutions Division. “We have a long history of providing training through the Workforce Advancement Training Grant Program, and many of our area companies have benefited from the training program.”

Some of the training Gateway will provide through the grant includes computer numeric control training, pneumatic, robotics, telecommunications, leadership and maintenance.

Companies from all three counties of Gateway’s district – Walworth, Kenosha and Racine – received grant funding. Those companies are:

  • Snap-on Tools (Kenosha County)
  • RCK Foods (Kenosha County)
  • Kenall Manufacturing (Kenosha County)
  • Amcor (Kenosha County)
  • Good Foods (Kenosha County)
  • Telecom consortium (Kenosha County, Fond du Lac County and Waukesha County)
  • Peck and Weis (Walworth County)
  • CNC consortium: Basin Precision Machining and Prop Shaft Supply (Walworth County)
  • USG (Walworth County)
  • Lavelle Industries (Racine County)

Those interested in future grant opportunities should contact Kate Walker at (262) 898-7410 or