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Gateway president signs on to new climate leadership commitment

Gateway Technical College President and CEO Bryan Albrecht today signed Second Nature’s new Climate Leadership Commitment, making public the college’s commitment to remain “green” and sustainable in its operations and provide education and training for emerging green industry careers.

Presidents and chancellors of colleges and universities across the nation signed on to the commitment. Albrecht was one of 10 leaders to sign the commitment in-person at the official ceremony.

The commitment provides these leaders with the tools and framework “to develop innovative, sustainable solutions to issues of global climate change that begin on college campuses and ultimately impact entire communities,” according to Second Nature.

This is a new commitment, revamping the two areas of carbon commitment (carbon neutrality) and resiliency commitment (building resiliency to handle other climate sustainability issues). Albrecht signed the original commitment, as well.

“Signing the Climate Leadership commitment pledge is a reassurance that our college is taking an active role in engaging students in responsible actions impacting the sustainability of our community,” said Albrecht.

“Gateway is dedicated to building stronger community sustainability practices, academic programs and empowering service learning. Together, we can reduce our impact on the environment and educate the next generation of leaders on the importance of resiliency and effective resource management.”

Statements contained in the commitment signed by Albrecht included “we believe colleges and universities must exercise leadership in their communities and throughout society by providing the knowledge, research, practice and informed graduates to create a positive and sustainable future.”

Gateway has implemented many sustainable practices, including increasing building heating and cooling efficiency, reducing paper usage and incorporating sustainable concepts in its curriculum across all academic programs.

For more information on Gateway’s sustainable practices, please contact Stephanie Sklba at (262) 564-2662.