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Gateway opens enrollment for new barbering program in technical college system

Gateway Technical College has opened enrollment for its Barbering Technologist diploma program, a high-quality, intense – yet quick – path to the career of barbering.

Gateway is one of a handful of first technical college in the state to begin offering this standalone barbering diploma.

Students can qualify within a year to take the state barbering test and receive the state-required licensing needed to work in this career in Wisconsin.

“Within a year, you can gain the skills to be certified in an in-demand career,” says Terry Simmons, Gateway dean of Service Careers.

State barbering license requirements have changed, paving the way for Gateway to separate and intensify the barbering part of its Cosmetology diploma program. The program is offered on the Kenosha Campus in a remodeled area of the Technical Building. Modern equipment gives students a hands-on environment to learn the many skills of barbering.

In the second semester of their program, students will have the opportunity to work with actual clients on their haircutting needs. Students will become qualified to take the state licensing test upon successful completion of the program. Only those who have completed such a course qualify to take the state licensing board exams.

Where: Kenosha Campus, 3520-30th Ave.
When: Signup for the program has begun
How: Go to Student Services, or go to
What: Barber Technologist diploma, 30-502-5

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