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Gateway honors, celebrates GED, HSED and Adult High School graduates

News Release: 
Graduate with her kids

Cyndean Jennings, Gateway Technical College dean of the School of Pre-College and Momentum programs, says many GED, HSED and Adult High School students believe that when they leave high school early, they might never return to school.

That’s why coming back to earn a high school credential is so much sweeter for them.

Many of them did return and felt that sense of accomplishment, as Gateway Technical College honored its 229 GED, HSED and Adult High School graduates at a commencement ceremony held in HARIBO Hall in the Madrigrano Conference Center on the college’s Kenosha Campus.

“When I think about our students, I always go back to the times when so many students say to myself, staff or faculty that they never thought this day would come,” said Jennings. “That, when they left high school for whatever reason, they felt they were done.

“For them to be able to have the opportunity to come back and accomplish their credential is amazing. You have people right out of high school, people in their 50s, and every age in between coming back to earn their credential, and it is such a sense of accomplishment for them. You see the joy as they get their credential and they celebrate with their friends. It just does something to you, something to your heart.”

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