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Gateway announces Promise 2 Finish program to help adult students return to college, obtain degree

Promise 2 Finish at Gateway

Gateway Technical College leaders announced today they will expand the number of students it promises to help make college a reality through Promise 2 Finish, a new program aimed at those 24 and older who’ve had some college experience and are looking to return to complete their education.

Promise 2 Finish helps qualifying students who live in the Gateway Technical College District by filling the gap between financial aid and tuition costs. At its core, it will help those who left college to return – and gain the life-changing opportunities of a degree.

The application period opened today, and the first 110 who qualify and have all required admissions and financial aid paperwork submitted and approved will enter in the program. The first group will begin classes January 2021.

“We’re proud to offer this new program for returning students,” said Gateway Technical College Executive Vice President/Provost Zina Haywood. “This is a re-igniting dreams program.

“It’s for students who had dreamed of coming to college and obtaining a degree and, for whatever reason, had to drop out. We are reigniting those dreams by this Promise 2 Finish program.”

While students can start applying today, the college will also hold a series of workshops in February to guide those interested in how to apply for the program and apply for financial aid.

The program is for potential students age 24 and older who’ve earned at least 12 college credits and who’ve been out of college for at least two years but have not already earned an associate degree or bachelor’s degree. They can build on the credits they’ve already earned to complete a degree.

“The Foundation is very excited to partner with the college to help make possible this program that will help students return to college. We also realize it’s important that members of our community have access to the skills and training they need for life-sustaining careers,” said Jennifer Charpentier, executive director, Gateway Technical College Foundation.

Charpentier said they hope to raise $1.5 million for Promise 2 Finish over the next 18 months to two years, with about half of that already in place. It was announced at the board meeting that HARIBO of America is a lead corporate giver for this effort, contributing $250,000 to the program.

“At HARIBO, we believe everyone should have access to affordable, quality education and have the resources to make that happen – and that’s exactly what this program will do,” said Toni Hansen, HARIBO of America director of human resources.

Program participants will have access to learning communities to provide added academic support as well as tailored case management and advice from Gateway staff to meet the unique needs of students returning to college. Depending on their financial situation, students can be provided up to a maximum of $10,500 in tuition.

Other details of the program include that students must earn a minimum of 15 credits per academic year, maintain a 2.0 grade point average, reapply for financial aid every year and the maximum amount of time to be in the program is eight semesters. Deadline to apply is Oct. 1, 2020.

For More Information

  • Those interested in the Promise 2 Finish program can find more information here:
  • Gateway will also hold a number of workshops to help answer questions and guide those interested in person. They will be held the same night as information sessions for Gateway’s high school Promise program. Dates and times can be found here: