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Celebrate Earth Day poster contest winners announced

Jadybn Dostal - winning poster

Ceremony to be held at noon

Kenosha Unified School District’s Jadyn Dostal won Gateway Technical College’s 2016 Celebrate Earth Day poster contest. Azalea Salcedo took second, while Abe Villarreal took third.

Dostal and Villarreal attend Mahone Middle School while Salcedo attends Somers Elementary School. Honorable mention goes to Shelby Robinson of Washington Middle School.

The four will be honored at a noon ceremony at the Center For Sustainable Living’s barn area on the Kenosha Campus, 3530-30th Ave., during the April 23 Celebrate Earth Day event. Their posters, along every poster submitted to the contest, will be displayed inside the center.

All the posters can be found here, too:

The barn area features several children- and youth-focused, hands-on activities.

For more information on Celebrate Earth Day, with an entire listing of times and events, go to