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  • The Employers Connection


Employer involvement is a key driving force behind Gateway Technical College's success. We celebrate the fact that we offer technology-based career education specifically designed to meet employer and student needs. 

If your interests include hiring a Gateway graduate, filling a student-internship position in your company, or looking to benefit from customized training to increase productivity, Gateway is here for you. This web page is designed to connect you to the employer service departments at Gateway.

Why Employers Choose Gateway

“Education is paramount. In today’s world, you need to have at least an associate degree.”

~Wally Rendon

“The Gateway Accelerator program has really helped us, to show us and point us in the direction for our business model, to make sure we were going in the right direction.”

~Dave Barczak

Bob Moss

“I feel if they can make it through Gateway’s training, then they have a better-than-average chance of making it in my shop.”

~Bob Moss

“Our industry is very competitive, and engineering technicians help us to compete. The skills brought to our company by Gateway grads – those technical skills – help us to do so successfully.”

~Tom Foht

Life is Big. Be Prepared.