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Student Rights


Gateway Technical College complies with the provisions of FERPA. Prior written consent from you must be obtained before information may be disclosed by Gateway Technical College to third parties unless the information or the individual or group making the request is exempted by the policy and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

Such exemptions are made for the following:

  1. Request from Gateway Technical College faculty and staff with a legitimate need to know.
  2. Request in accordance with a lawful subpoena or court order.
  3. Request from representatives of agencies or organizations from which the student is receiving or has received financial aid.
  4. Request from officials of other postsecondary educational institutions to which the student has applied for admission.
  5. Request from other persons or agencies specifically exempted from the prior consent requirement by the Act.   This includes certain federal and state officials of the District accrediting agencies, etc.
  6. Requests for directory information, which includes the following categories:
    • Name
    • Hometown
    • Date of birth
    • Program of enrollment (major field study) and number of credits for which currently enrolled.
    • Participation in officially recognized activities
    • Dates of attendance (including enrollment status, classification and year, matriculation, and withdrawal dates)
    • Candidacy for graduation
    • Degrees and awards/honors received (type of degree and date granted)
    • The most recent previous educational agency or institution attended

You may elect to have directory information held confidential.   When this option is exercised, the only information that will be released by Gateway, other than exemptions 1. through 5. above, is confirmation that  a student is or has been enrolled at Gateway. If you elect to allow the release of directory information, such release will be limited to those requests perceived to be in the best interest of the student; e.g., requests from  parents, friends, relatives, prospective employers, or licensing agencies seeking to confirm certain information, societies, news releases, programs, etc. All other inquiries will be limited to confirmation that a student is or was previously enrolled at Gateway.

Gateway Technical College assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of judgement as  to whether or not a release of directory information is in the best interest of a student. Likewise, Gateway  will assume no responsibility for contacting students who have elected to stipulate directory information as  confidential for the subsequent permission to release any information. If you elect to have directory information held confidential, please complete a form which is available at any Student Services Office.

Student Complaint Form

Students who attend a college that is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) can file complaints at the state level in three categories defined by ED:

  • Complaints that allege violations of Wisconsin consumer protection laws, including but not limited to false advertising
  • Complaints that allege violations of Wisconsin laws related to the licensure of postsecondary institutions; or
  • Complaints relating to the quality of education or other State or accreditation requirements.

A student who reasonably believes that a violation has occurred in one or more of these categories may file a written complaint. Complaints must be signed by the student and submitted on the official student complaint form. Complaints must be filed within one year from the date of the alleged violation or the last recorded date of attendance, whichever is later. The WTCS will review complaints only after students attempt to resolve the matter through applicable college appeals or complaint processes.

The student complaint form can be found at the following link: and at

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