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Company Officer Leadership Academy & Blue Card Certification

Company Officer Leadership Academy (COLA)

Gateway Technical College offers the Pierce-branded Company Officer Leadership Academy (COLA) courses upon request. The courses are geared towards company officers and firefighters who aspire to become great company officers. Chief Officers are also welcome to enroll in the program. 

Students complete the Leadership 101, Leadership Simulations and Blue Card Certification courses to earn the Company Officer Leadership Academy certificate. Leadership 101 explores critical leadership concepts and a personal DISC instrument review of your leadership skills, strengths and opportunities. The Leadership Simulations course immerse the student in the company officer role. Students take an active role in dealing with personnel issues in three general venues using a six-step problem solving process in order to stop bad and create good. Incident documentation and employee evaluation are covered in a way that helps leaders provide regular feedback and objective information for performance reviews. 
Blue Card Certification

Blue Card, Hazard Zone Management is a command-centered approach to incident scene management. The Blue Card systems approach prepares the initial incident commander to develop, implement, and manage an appropriate incident action plan (IAP) and properly transfer command to a later arriving officer. Standardized terminology and practices give Blue Card practitioners the edge in handling incidents with a higher level of confidence, control, safety, and effectiveness. Standard conditions and standard actions lead to standard outcomes that are good for responders and customers. 
Blue Card certification can be taken separately from the COLA program. It is a required COLA program course for students seeking their COLA certificate. The Blue Card online course must be taken before enrolling in the Gateway Blue Card certification course. The Blue Card online course has a separate fee. Please refer to the registration information at
For more information or to register yourself or your department for COLA or Blue Card training please contact: 

John Dahms, MSM, EFO
Fire Program Coordinator