Summer Camps 2020 - Explore, Dream, Discover

Summer Camps

Looking for something fun and exciting to do during the summer? Build your own rocket, learn how to communicate with sign language, create delicious summer snacks and more during Gateway’s hands-on pre-college Summer Camps. We have exciting options for students entering 6th grade all the way through high school, as well as a learning opportunity for educators.

Explore 2020 Offerings

Our top priority is your heath and safety. Gateway will offer virtual Summer Camps from July through August at no charge.

The following camps are some possible 2020 offerings. We are still deteremining camps, information and registration details, so please check back often for updates and registration information!

All About the Face

Interested in beauty and makeup artistry? Your face is makeup’s canvas, so proper skin care is the first and most important step for any makeup artist. This hands-on camp teaches the basics of skin care, including application of facial treatments and makeup.

Breads and Spreads

In this camp, learners will produce traditional and artisanal breads from scratch, as well as a variety of accompaniments.

Next Step of Makeup

This is a makeup class for advancement of makeup. Students will learn contouring blending as well as some Halloween makeup ideas. You will get a idea of being able to take your makeup to another level then just the basic of makeup.

Puffs and Pastries

Learners will make a variety of traditional pastries using scratch and convenience laminated doughs, and pâte à choux. 

Fun with Hair

Do you love trying new hair styles? Take your passion for beauty to the next level by developing proper curling and flat iron skills, learning intricate braiding techniques and styling basic updos.

Advanced Fun of Hair

This Camp is for advancement in hair techniques. Students will learn 3 new hair trends in braiding / styling . Students will work on manque heads and on each other.

Mani and Pedi Fun

If you’re known for your perfectly polished nails (or want to be) join us for Mani and Pedi Fun! Learn how to do manicures and pedicures combined with relaxing massage.

Science Immersion Camp

The Science Immersion Camp will introduce middle school students to the field of natural sciences. Students will learn about career options in the sciences, be introduced to lab sciences and safety, and have the opportunity to perform hands-on science experiments led by college faculty.
This is a day-long science immersion camp that will consist of an introduction to science and laboratory safety. Biology, chemistry, plant biology, microbiology, and anatomy and physiology lab experiences. 

Fab Lab Maker Camp

Maker Camp is where you can create your own models in Tinkercad and build them on a 3D Printer. At Maker Camp you make almost anything, and participate in our special Maker Challenge! You can learn to use a laser engraver, vinyl cutter, or even a CNC router, as well as solder, or learn to draw on the computer.

Fab Lab Virtual Reality Day Camp

Learn about virtual reality, and work on Gateway's Z-Space computers. Make a sculpture or fantasy animal using Leopoly Maker a software that lets you model in 3D! Once your art or animal is finished print it out with the 3D printer! Lunch is provided.

Fab Lab 3D Printer Day Camp

This 6 hour session teaches how to make models in Tinkercad, and how to set up and print them on the various 3D printers. We go over modeling basics, and then learn to slice the model to prepare it for the 3D Printer. Lunch is provided.

Forensic Boot Camp

We would discuss basic crime scene investigative techniques. We would learn about fingerprinting, blood spatter, DNA, etc. We would also discuss various jobs/employment in the law enforcement field.


Rev up your passion for cars and mechanics at Nitro-X! Through hands-on activities and learning, you’ll build and test drive nitro-methane powered cars.