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CNC Student Story

Felicia Jones, CNC Boot Camp #18

Before she applied for the Boot Camp opportunity, Felicia Jones worked in the Milwaukee area in financing as a loan processor.  She has a Master’s of Business Administration from Keller Graduate School and her undergrad from DeVry. So what prompted her to choose a Boot Camp in CNC operation which seems so different from her finance experience?

“I was out of work and I went to a couple of the manufacturing seminars in October including the women’s day for manufacturing. A lot of women don’t realize that the soft skills and other skills they have developed can transfer over. I thought that manufacturing was going to be really hard physical labor.”

“My dad worked at Case, and I had a misconception of what manufacturing was. They took showers, wore the overalls, it was a man’s job and nobody told me the options in manufacturing.  I thought I was just supposed to go to school and then sit at a desk.”  She feels there may be more stability in manufacturing than in the financial area and more employment opportunities at this time.  Felicia would also like to incorporate some more physical work into her day.

Felicia is finding the entire process from the intro to offset to be very fulfilling. “We are being taught everything from how to operate, about the different parts, what we need to do to fully function and then run the machine, and how to program and understand the tables,” she says.

“The tutoring has been a great help, because the blueprint reading was foreign to me. I received the most tutoring with this. It was just a different way of learning compared to what I was used to.”

"The instructors have been wonderful. They slow down when needed, and if you have a question they keep working with you until you understand...they are all there to support you.” “I want to learn as much as I can and then I would like to continue to get the CNC diploma as well as attain a Green Belt certification.”

“I feel that a lot of women are not aware of the opportunities that are available and they should learn more about manufacturing because they may have misconceptions… I would like to see more women in the field.” 

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