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Green Education Programs

Gateway has worked hard to ensure sustainable practices are worked into every area of study and curriculum in the college. This includes training students to enter a number of emerging "green" career areas.

Gateway's sustainable education programs include:

Geoexchange Technology

Approved as a track within Gateway's Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology associate degree program, Geothermal Technician students are prepared for employment in the installation, sales and service of the loopfield components used throughout the Geo industry. Taught in a lecture/lab format, students learn techniques in air rotary drilling, mud rotary drilling, plastic fusion and environmental sanitation practices. They learn about outside drilling operations as well as indoor systems installation and maintenance.

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology (HVAC)

With newly renovated labs, Gateway's partnership with Trane Corporation is allowing HVAC students to learn about the latest technologies being introduced to the industry. In addition to standard equipment installation and repair education, students are learning about sustainable technology being introduced to the marketplace including LED lighting and energy efficient motors for freezers, as well as heat pumps and geoexchange applications.

Sustainable Energy Systems

Sustainable Energy Systems is one of three Electrical Engineering Technology associate degree program tracks. Using state-of-the-art solar and wind trainer equipment, students gain a greater understanding of sustainable energy generation and operational systems. Student's capstone design project centers on sustainable energy.

Fresh Water Resources

Within Gateway's Civil Engineering Technology program, the Fresh Water Resources associate degree is one of the career tracks. Graduates will be prepared to become dynamic and effective water quality technicians who can perform field work as well as office-centered technician work. Students will receive training on how to utilize graphic techniques to produce engineering drawings as well as utilize modern surveying methods for field measurements, design storm systems for hydrological events, understand the treatment process for water and fresh water, and design an erosion control plan for a given construction site.

Urban Farming (Advanced Technical Certificate)

Urban Farming graduates will know how to intensively farm small plots of land and bring their crops to market profitability, combining intensive farming curriculum with entrepreneurship training. Courses cover business aspects of intensive farming and the horticulture knowledge and skills required to intensively farm and market crops.