Course Delivery Information

Updated August 6, 2021

Fall 2021 Semester Courses:

Fall Semester courses will be available in-person, blended and online formats. Student safety remains a priority with face masks required in campus facilities, smaller class sizes, social distancing, and increased sanitizing of classrooms and labs.

Course delivery options include: 

In-person: If a course is listed with a campus location and meeting date and time, the course will be offered in a fully on-campus, in-person format.

Blended: If a course is listed as blended, a portion of the course will be delivered in-person, on-campus and a portion will be delivered in an online format. 

INET without day, time or location: If a course is listed as INET without a day, time or location, the course will be delivered in a traditional online format via Blackboard. Access to begin INET coursework should be available in Blackboard no later than the first day of class.

OSYNC Online Synchronous: If a course is listed as OSYNC with a day/meeting time but no location, the course will be delivered via online synchronous delivery. Students will meet online at the assigned time via video conference, allowing students to have real-time, live interaction with the instructor and classmates.

Business and Workforce Solutions
Apprenticeship, grant funded and contract for service training

For the Fall 2021 semester, apprenticeship, grant-funded coursework, and any other on-campus contract training will follow the guidelines below:

  • Courses that require hands-on lab experience will be completed on campus using face-to-face instruction.  Any still active CDC guidelines will be maintained while on campus.
  • Off-campus face-to-face customized contract training is available and will be done in accordance with the business customer's building access policy and procedures.